McNabb Benched During 36-7 Loss To Baltimore

It’s hard to say which half of football was more craptastic for Donovan McNabb today. In the first half, McNabb was abused by the Ravens defense, pressured into an 8-18 performance that included two picks and a fumble. But at least, you know, he was playing.

McNabb pouts

Not so in the second half, after head coach Andy Reid benched the longtime Eagles starter in favor of University of Houston product Kevin Kolb. Kolb brilliantly led the Eagles to score after score… oh wait, that didn’t happen at all.

No, just like McNabb, Kolb threw two picks and no scores, including a particularly crushing interception in the end zone, taken back 108 yards by Ed Reed for a TAINT (Touchdown After INT). That 14-point swing made the score 29-7, Baltimore, and Philadelphia was done trying.

Whether McNabb starts under center next week is unknown; we’d be surprised if Andy Reid had even made a decision yet. Kolb hardly took advantage of his opportunity to showcase his skills, and there’s no real reason to shelve McNabb for the season except to momentarily placate the boorish Philadelphia fans, which is a losing battle no matter who’s under center.

But if this was somehow the last start in Philadelphia for McNabb, whose departure has been hinted at for almost as long as he’s even been with the Eagles, he leaves behind an impressive, if ultimately unfufilling, resume. He was an All-Pro for five consecutive years and has thrown for 185 TDs as an Eagle, but their inability to win a Super Bowl indelibly stained McNabb’s legacy. There are probably a couple dozen teams who would love to see McNabb under center for them next week, but it appears Philadelphia might not be one of them.