McNabb AND Boeheim? Neither Knew NFL Tie Rule

By now you know that Donovan McNabb didn’t know before yesterday’s Philly-Bengals 13-13 result that there were ties in the NFL.

Donovan McNabb Jim Boeheim Dumb & Dumber

So Dan Patrick for some reason brought on Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim today on his radio show to defend Syracuse alum McNabb’s embarrassing admission. McNabb primarily played football for the then-Orangemen, but also dabbled in hoops under Boeheim.

Additionally, Boeheim told Patrick that he himself had obtained his Master’s Degree at Syracuse, which only soon made things worse when Patrick’s questioning set in. (audio after the jump)

Boeheim: “I’m a big football fan and of course I did go to Syracuse and actually got my Master’s at Syracuse and I didn’t realize that they didn’t have a winner in pro football games.

Patrick: “You did not know that a game could end in a tie?”

Boeheim: “Did not know. Absolutely did not know. Actually I was watching the game and when they said that was it, I was shocked. … maybe it’s Syracuse. Maybe we aren’t teaching that course here.

Sounds like there’s a lot of things they aren’t teaching there.

Next up: Can someone please call Pearl Washington collect at the state pen to help The ‘Cuse restore its good name?