McGahee Over His “nice rotation” Of Baby Mamas

Jawn Murray of AOL’s Black Voices blog has an interview with Willis McGahee of the Baltimore Ravens this week in which he bares his soul about the emotional trauma he and his family has suffered because of his regular reality show appearances.

Willis McGahee

McGahee is currently appearing as a regular on the third and current season of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta as the boyfriend of one of the show performers, which Murray notes has produced, “outrageous scrutiny.”

McGahee on the apparent reaction he’s received from being on the reality show: “I’ve been hated on by girls, and dudes hating on me because of the girls. It’s been like this all of my life. I think I was made for this for some strange reason.

Apparently the “hating” on McGahee centers on his numerous children out of wedlock.

McGahee said, “I’m very private about my personal life, and I don’t like talking about my children.

McGahee doesn’t clarify why someone who is “very private” about his personal life would appear on a nationally-televised reality show that solely focuses on the personal lives of the subjects.

Willis McGahee

Though McGahee admits to having his “fun” in a previously-ardent pursuit of multiple baby mamas, I’m pleased to report that the reality show performer now claims he’s changed man.

McGahee confessed that when he first got his NFL contract in 2003, he went through a period of being a “stereotypical athlete” and entertained his fair share of women.

“I was younger back then, and I had fun. I can’t deny that, and everybody knows that,” he admitted.

Though some blogs have claimed the Miami native has as many seven kids, McGahee said those reports are all bogus.

“I have a nice handful,” he laughed. “But it’s way under seven. It’s nowhere near seven!”

McGahee is apparently the father of five children – the first three were born over a span of two years, shortly after he was drafted in the NFL by the Buffalo Bills.

McGahee doesn’t clarify how five children out of wedlock is “nowhere near seven!”

Though McGahee does make clear that he absolutely, positively is not “involved” with his baby mamas anymore:

“I was just involved with each of my children’s mothers for so long. Each one was over two or three years. I just had a nice rotation, however that is over now, and I don’t get down like that anymore,” he explained.

The football star disclosed that because of his past reputation, women – some he’s never met – accuse him of fathering children on an annual basis.

“I get planted with a baby every year. I’ve been accused of having kids that aren’t mine,” he laughed.

McGahee said the story that he has a “baby mama living with him” is completely fabricated.

I don’t live with my baby’s mother. I don’t have any baby in Maryland. I’ve been staying by myself for the three years that I’ve been here,” he clarified.

I’m not married, engaged or anything like that. I’ve seen on the Internet that they even have my child’s mother on there. That is just uncalled for.”

McGahee is particularly annoyed at criticism from talk show host Wendy Williams, who somehow has concluded that McGahee was only dating a reality show performer “so he could be on TV.

“I find it real funny just because she said I’m an opportunist. I’m in the NFL so I”m on TV every week! I’ve done commercials and interviews, and I don’t have a problem putting my own self out there.”

McGahee doesn’thave a problem putting my own self out there”, which is why, as he stated earlier, “I’m very private about my personal life.”

Finally, the riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma for McGahee is why information about his children and baby mamas has flooded the internet in the past year via various blogs.

He’s not sure who is the culprit behind the smear campaign to tarnish his reputation and doesn’t suspect any of his kid’s mothers would do such a thing.

“It can traumatize them just because they’re hearing their daddy’s name on the radio blasted, talking about this child and that child. That’s something that you don’t want them to hear because it can sink into their memory, and it can stay with them for the rest of their lives. Things might not work out for them,” he emoted.

As for the personal photos that are floating around online, he added: “I’m trying to find out right now how they’re getting out. None of the pictures are on my Facebook page. I don’t even have those photos.”

McGahee fails to clarify why despite personal photos featuring many of his children have flooded the web, he doesn’t suspect “any of the kid’s mothers would do such a thing.”

After this lengthy interview detailing his private life, why someone wouldn’t be convinced that McGahee truly is consumed with keeping his personal life private, or that he’s not an attention-seeking opportunist, I’ve no clue.