McEnroe Tossed From Geriatric Tennis Tourney

The rollercoaster that has been John McEnroe’s emotions over his tennis career is volatile to say the least. He’s certainly best known for his temper tantrums, but I feel like recently, his announcing has kind of changed the general perception of his behavior/attitude.

Johnny Mac

If that’s true, it probably won’t be that way for long, though. Eric McErlain at FANHOUSE nets the news that Johnny Mac is back to his old tricks, having just gotten tossed out of the Hall of Fame Champions Cup, which essentially amounts to a senior citizens’ tennis tournament. Jack. Pot.

Here’s the brief skinny: Johnny Mac, playing against MaliVai Washington, is losing the second set 4-2 after winning the first 6-3. Mali was serving and there was a disputed call. Bob Larson’s Tennis News takes it from there:

Arguing a line-call, McEnroe was issued a code violation warning for an audible obscenity by chair umpire Ray Brodeur. McEnroe continued his tirade against Brodeur and was issued consecutive abuse of official code violations …

McEnroe’s three violations gave Washington the second set 6-2 (the point penalty giving Washington the game for a 5-2 lead and the game penalty giving him the set by a 6-2 margin.) As McEnroe continued his tirade, fans at the Newport Casino became vocal and restless and began to yell at McEnroe to continue playing. McEnroe responded to the fans with a visible obscene gesture which resulted in a fourth code violation from Brodeur and McEnroe’s immediate default from the match.

I mean, I know “over 30″ can mean a lot of things, but Johnny Mac was born in 1959. Sorry, but that’s just plain old, man. Far, far too old for someone to be flicking off a tennis tournament crowd after getting ejected from a match against MaliVai Washington (it’s almost seems not actually real, even as I sit here and type it).

The good news? This tourney is a eight-man round robin … and this was only the first round! Which means Johnny Mac has to come back out and play a few more matches in front of these fans. Someone better get their taunt face on and make sure to bring a digital camera that shoots video.