Burger War Causes Soccer Tourney To Skip Town

The town of Boraas in Sweden was all ready to welcome next year’s UEFA Under-21 Youth Championships. However, the Swedish city soon found itself scratched from hosting the soccer tourney. Why? Because the local soccer stadium sells the wrong kind of burgers.

Max Swedish burger

BLOOMBERG reports that the Boraas Arena refused to shut down their stadium concession stand of Max, a Swedish competitor of McDonald’s, which happens to be one of the tournament’s main sponsors. Needless to say, the burger behemoth threw it’s corporate weight around and had matches pulled from the Swedish site.

Mayor McCheese was even rumored to have shifted massive bags of cash and Filets O’ Lutefisk from his campaign slush fund to UEFA in order to make this happen.

Now, first off, I’m as much of a supporter of local enterprise versus big corporate behemoths as the next pinko Commie leftist scum. But seriously … Max? If you are going to rip off McDonald’s and their Big Macs, I would hope you could be a little more creative than this (check out the logo with the Arched A instead of the Golden Arches):

A Swedish Max restaurant

But I’m sure that while buns at McDonald’s have seeds, the buns at Max don’t.

Another difference between the two: instead of having their mascot be a happy clown entertaining kids, Max’s mascot is Death, engaged in a chess game for Max von Sydow’s soul. Which is admittedly a bit less kid-friendly, but far more critically acclaimed.

I honestly can’t imagine what a Swedish version of McDonald’s would be like. Since the closest I’ve ever come to Sweden is buying furniture from Ikea, I would imagine that you would have to make the Swedish Big Mac yourself, being given only the various ingredients (patties, sauce, lettuce, chesse, etc.), an Allen wrench, and a useless & infuriatingly wordless set of instructions.