McCourt’s Living Expenses: $500,000 Per Month

TMZ gets its hands on Jamie McCourt’s official divorce filing today, and it’s a doozy.

Frank and Jamie McCourt Divorce

(We all had the same reaction)

First off, Jamie lists the date of separation as July 6, 2009. Here are some of the things Jamie is demanding in the settle with husband Frank:

- travel by private jet
- 5 star hotel accommodations
- travel expenses - Unlimited
- business dinners 5 nights per week
- business lunches 5 days per week
- making Dodger Legends available for events without charge
- access to team doctors for McCourt family members
- access to the owner’s suite for Dodger home games and non-baseball events at the stadium
- Tickets to All-Star games and playoff games — even if the Dodgers aren’t playing
- a pass to all National League games

That’s not even the best part.

Jamie lists her living expenses as $488,928. Per month.

With the McCourts leveraged to the absolute hilt, those requests and figures are dubious at best. Most of the couple’s net worth is tied up with the team, as Frank sold off his Boston parking lot empire in order to pay off the loan he took out to buy the team. I’m not saying the McCourts don’t live like royalty, they most certainly do, but a good portion of their “living expenses” likely go to servicing loans to support their opulent lifestyles.

Forget all the smoke blowing, the only thing that matters is if Jamie or Frank can raise enough cash to buy the other out for the team. If that doesn’t happen, a judge will decide who gets what, not MLB or Frank’s name on a piece of paper stating he owns the team.