McCourts Are Most Popular Angelenos Since O.J.

Frank and Jamie McCourt have done the impossible. They’ve made Scott Boras look like a sympathetic figure.

HUGE BOOBS! And an attractive model.

(HUGE BOOBS! And an attractive model)

The McCourts embarrassed themselves, their family, their friends, and even Tommy Lasorda’s Friday night rendezvous at Jumbo’s Clown Room with the memo circulated to the media last night that gleefully touted Boras turning down their fake $45M offer to Manny Ramirez.

It turns out that half of the money in the offer was deferred, and those future payments were to be made without interest.  A fact the memo neglected to mention. (On the bright side, after they drive the Dodgers into the ground, F & J have bright futures as lending officers!)

So what does Ramirez does now? Exactly what I told you last month he would be - sit out the season.

Ramirez is not going to take the Dodgers deal, and I’m firm in my belief that McCourt does not want to pay Ramirez a fair wage. Let alone a substandard one.

But I don’t ultimately blame the McCourts. Bud Selig was behind ramrodding their laughably leveraged buyout of the Fox for the team, which by the way included a massive loan from Fox itself to complete the purchase!

Selig did that to artificially counterbalance the enormo payrolls of large market teams like the Yankees and Red Sox, while also maintaining a balance of power in the N.L. West (which features an additional quartet of sad sack owners lacking liquidity).

So this is what we’re stuck with here in the #2 market in the pro sports world: an owner who can’t even afford to pay in a full an already lowball offer to Ramirez.

In a way it’s a shame, as it appears that the obvious Ramirez sign would’ve finally pulled the Dodgers out of their 20-year doldrums. But now we’re right back where we started since the O’Malley family sold the team.

I wouldn’t want to be Jamie McCourt at Whole Foods in Holmby Hills tonight. (Or any public place in the next 10 years for that matter.)

Wonder if their mansion comes with weather-guarding that wards off that pesky rotten egg stench?