McCourt BK: Misspells Player Names, Owes Scully

On Jan. 30, 2004, Frank and Jamie McCourt bought the Los Angeles Dodgers for $430 million. The Boston couple’s bid for the franchise, which included $9 million in cash, was reportedly approved by Bud Selig over Los Angeles billionaire Eli Broad’s all-cash $430 million offer.

Frank McCourt owes Vin Scully $150,000

Today, seven years later, Mr. McCourt’s Dodgers filed for bankruptcy.

In the filing 40 creditors were named, including dozens of Dodger players and Vin Scully, who filed a claim against McCourt for $152,778.00 in back pay.

McCourt misspells Dodger pitchers names in bankruptcy filing

In the same filing, McCourt misspelled the names of current Dodger starting pitcher Chad Billingsley and injured Dodger closer Jonathan Broxton, who are owed a combined $802,335.00.

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