McCain To Be Juiced Up For Debate With Obama

With another debate looming between John McCain and Barack Obama next week, both Presidential candidates are getting themselves ready for the big showdown. This means they’re doing anything in their power to get some kind of advantage on their opponent, and it appears Mr. McCain has made an unexpected ally in his quest for the Presidency.

Yep, that’s right, Bill Romanowski. It seems that Romo is eager to help McCain get a little extra “juice” behind his arguments.


Campaign reps for Sen. John McCain obtained an herbal supplement touted to enhance memory and keep energy levels up for the candidate before his joust with Sen. Barack Obama, a source tells us. Four-time Super Bowl champ Bill Romanowski, whose company Nutrition53 produces the capsule Neuro1, said: “I won’t confirm or deny that Sen. McCain is using our product, but it’s phenomenal for any person with stress and an overwhelming travel schedule.”

Oh man, this is going to be the GREATEST. DEBATE. EVER. Eat your heart out Abraham Lincoln & Stephen A. Douglas, you got nothing on this.

So what’s the over/under on how many questions will be asked before McCain spits in Obama’s face and knees him in the groin? I’m going to say three.

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