Mayweather Jr. KOs Big Show, Disses De La Hoya

Sunday night was a special evening for delectable debuts. The Washington Nationals opened their new ballpark with a walk-off homer and a Bush booing session. Meanwhile, 850 miles to the south, Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s wrestling career got off to a slamming start.

Floyd Mayweather Jr Big Show

Arash Markazi of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED reports on the WBC welterweight champ’s first performance inside the other squared circle. And after his bout, Floyd couldn’t help but give a verbal slam to his main boxing rival.

Over 74,000 spectators squeezed into the Citrus Bowl for Wrestlemania XXIV, where Mayweather faced off against the 7-foot, 440-pound Big Show - nipples and all. After being slammed, slapped and stepped-down, Floyd eventually claim victory, courtesy of a pair of brass knuckles to the Big Show’s jaw.

Yet the original WMXXIV plan was to have Mayweather and Big Show as tag team partners, squaring off against wrestler Rey Mysterio and Floyd’s recent nemesis, Oscar De La Hoya. But De La Hoya declined the offer - which seemed to satisfy Mayweather, who had the spotlight to himself:

“When you mention Oscar De La Hoya, you’re mentioning an ordinary fighter. When you mention Floyd Mayweather, you’re mentioning an entertainer. A guy who’s not scared to go out there and take a chance and take a risk and go out the box, that’s what it’s about.”

Although he dissed De La Hoya, Mayweather did toss out some respectful words toward his new in-ring foes:

“A lot of people on the outside say that wrestling is not this and its not that, but believe me, wrestling is real. They’re not just entertainers, they’re athletes. There are hard slaps and hard punches.”

Nice to see Floyd speak favorably about someone besides himself for once. Or it’s probably just a cautionary move on his part to keep the WWE door open for a future return. He does have 20 million reasons to do so.