Maybe Giants Fans Were Saying Boo To Cancer?

It’s not unusual for owners to get booed by fans when they make a special appearance or speech during a game. Usually it’s an owner of a lousy team, giving their fans the chance to take out their frustrations at another mediocre season. But it is pretty odd to see an owner get booed during a team’s home opener the season after they win a championship.

New York Giants Fan Tailgate

But that’s exactly what the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS says happened to Steve Tisch, owner of the New York Giants, when he made a halftime speech during the Giants’ season opener against the Redskins on Thursday. The topic of the speech? The “Stand Up to Cancer” initiative. Beginning specifically with mentioning how his father had died of cancer.

Lest you think that it was an isolated incident with only a few fans, we have the video after the jump to show otherwise. As you can guess with angry New Yorkers, the language is NSFW:

As Giants’ season ticket holder and Tisch hater Erik Netcher noted, it take special talent to get jeered during that.

“Everyone wants to kill him because he treats the fans with no respect,” said Netcher, 29, a media business manager whose family has held mezzanine seats since before he was born.

“What can you say when you get booed during a cancer speech? People really don’t like you.”

The main issue the fans have with Tisch is the escalating cost of Personal Seat Licenses, the bane of the average football fan. Tisch has announced that anyone - including current season-ticket holders, will need to pay a one-time fee of up to $20,000 for the right to buy season tickets at the Giants’ new stadium when it opens in 2010.

I’d like to suggest to Giants fans that if tickets are so valuable to them, maybe they shouldn’t be selling them off at the drop of the hat to the opposing team like the regular season finale last year against the Pats.

It should be noted that Steve Tisch is the only person ever to win a Super Bowl (as an owner) and an Academy Award (as producer of Forrest Gump), so I don’t think he’s going to be all that bothered by getting booed by a bunch of Giants fans. Of course, Tisch shouldn’t be alone in the Super Bowl/Oscar double, but the Academy ignored Bubba Smith’s work in Police Academy 3: Back in Training. Somehow they always ignore great work in comedies.