Mosley Wins Vote of Confidence, Remains FIA Prez

Max Mosley will be staying in the driver’s seat, as the sex-scandalized president of the FIA survived a vote of confidence on Tuesday.

Max Mosley

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that Mosley will remain as president after a secret ballot tally came out to 103-55 in his favor. (Those 55 folks probably were the ones never invited to Max’s parties.)

Even though Mosley will be staying on top, that doesn’t everything is fine & dandy in the FIA.

As a result of the pro-Max vote, the German motoring federation broke ties with the world governing racing body, which could affect further F1 races in the Fatherland.

Meanwhile, the Dutch federation criticized many clubs for voting with their wallets instead of their conscience:

(Dutch member Guido) Van Woerkom said most of Mosley’s support came from smaller clubs — which held equal sway in terms of voting power to the national federations — because of the money they received after FIA last year gave Formula One team McLaren a $100-million fine for possessing sensitive documents belonging to rival Ferrari. The FIA and its members received $60 million of that sum.

“(It is) difficult to say, but there is a lot of money going around, and if you get a small piece of that bread it can be very nice to eat,” Van Woerkom said. “Corrupt is not the way (to say it). But when you look at the McLaren fine, that is a lot of money, and when you get something from that, you are more or less in favor of the people giving you that bread.”

Seems a bit half-baked, but that’s what happens when you’re rolling in dough. But no matter how you slice it, Mosley has risen to the occasion and will remain in the upper crust of racing for years to come - or at least until October 2009, when his presidential term is up.

This calls for a celebration! Where’s all the Nazi hookers at?

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