Mavs Owner Cuban Not Afraid To Pimp Out Players

WHO COULD RESIST A LIFE-SIZE NOWITZKI BOBBLEHEAD?: Attention Dallas basketball fans - Having trouble looking for that special X-Mas gift? Mark Cuban is more than happy to help you out:

Mark Cuban South Park

WITH LEATHER has the lowdown via the DALLAS MORNING NEWS of the Mavericks owner rolling out his ‘Above the Rim’ catalog, just in time for the holidays.As described by Cuban, the items offered in this costly collection go “beyond the foam fingers, T-shirts, hats and face paint that we all love, and touches the imagination of every fan, myself included.”

Mavericks dancers

For only $20,000, a lucky consumer can either spend the day hanging out with the Mavericks’ front office, or join the dance team for a one-night performance.The more curious - and more expensive - offerings feature interaction with Mavericks players. $25,000 will get you a round of golf with Jerry Stackhouse, while a three-night getaway to the Bahamas with Devin Harris will only set you back $300,000.

Devin Harris Mavericks

Sounds like Cuban is pimping out his players for some “off-court excitement”.WL offers some advice for any wealthy gals willing to hang with Harris: “If you can convince Devin to go without a condom, you’ve got a shot at recouping some of that $300K.”