Maurice Clarett Props Up Prison Blogger Genre

It’s seemed for a while that everyone on the face of the earth has a blog, but now it’s official. Yes, even Maurice Clarett is blogging now… from prison. Clarett, as you no doubt know, is one of the saddest sports flameouts ever. He went from leading the Ohio State Buckeyes to the national championship in 2002 to destitution and then incarceration.

Maurice Clarett

And even though Maurice doesn’t always make sense on his blog, he honestly seems like a guy who’s using his time away from the outside world to make himself a better person (what a novel idea).

MJD over at YAHOO! was tipped off by DEADSPIN about Clarett’s musings. I think we should just let Mo speak for himself. From THE MIND OF MAURICE CLARETT:

I don’t have a lot of words to say today because words can’t express what I’m feeling today. I’m optimistic and I am fortunate. Those two words do not exactly describe my innate feeling but they were the best I could come up with. I looked through a thesaurus to see if it could help and to my surprise, there was nothing. I’m fortunate to be LIVING. I don’t have the exact science of learning to appreciate the now but if you’re out and you see a book, whose title describes in essence what I am describing, pick it up and apply what you read.

Uhhhhh, wha? Maurice is getting pretty deep here. So deep that I get the sense that nobody (and that includes Clarett) has any idea what he’s talking about:

Kings, tyrants, masters, and plutocrats, hold their positions of power because people have come to habitually accept them. Start a habit of being great and watch what the Man above delivers to you. Make someone accept your humane and great habits. Life is what we create. Get from under someone else’s habitual rule if you don’t like how you’re living. If you allow it, you deserve it. Reevaluate your personal habits and you’ll see why things are the way they are. If things are not the way you imagined, blame no one but yourself and change your habits. Humility is the motherhood of change.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Isn’t there someone else in prison Maurice can mentor with his dizzying array of inner thoughts? Why, yes there is:

I made it a mission of mine to set time aside for him. When I spoke a few sentences to him, you could see his eyes light up. It’s as if his spirit was awakened just from me showing some type of concern about his personal issues. He spilled out all of his life experiences to me. The essence of all of his tales was that he didn’t know how to logically manage his life. His emotions dominated his decision making and he was in need of a little assistance when it comes to managing his life. I offered up a few words and suggested some books to read. He agreed to read them for the sake of us building a bond. I am interested in seeing how he comprehends certain information. From my personal assessment, I’ll then be able to see at what pace I can bring him along. I want to help him raise his level of consciousness for the sake of him giving life some type of value.

Bring him along? Is Mo some sort of life coach now?

As much as my first inclination when I heard about Clarett’s blog was to deride him, it looks like he’s really trying to get himself in a position to do well in life when he gets out of jail. He’s working toward a college degree, and even if his inner thoughts are a bit jumbled, at least he’s thinking about life and seems to understand where and why he got off course.

But really, if you would’ve told me five years ago that I would someday be reading a blog written by Mo Clarett in which he talks about studying Plato and Descartes, I may have questioned your sanity.