Matt Walsh Still Unwilling to Spill Beans on Pats

Former New England Patriots employee Matt Walsh, who is bidding to become the most famous video assistant of all time, is ready to talk about the team’s illegal videotaping practices with the NFL.

Belichick cameraguys

But like a mob informant ready to turn state’s evidence, he won’t say anything until he gets immunity from the NFL, which according to ESPN, hasn’t happened yet

Walsh is looking for complete indemnification from the league in exchange for telling them what he knows about Spygate. That’s just fancy-shmancy lawyer-speak for “If I tell you what I know, I don’t want to be sued.” But apparently the NFL isn’t willing to grant that, and Walsh’s knowledge, much like my tips for scoring with girls, will remain a secret until complete indemnification granted.

Break it down for us, attorney Michael Levy:

“The NFL’s proposal is not full indemnification. It is highly conditional and still leaves Mr. Walsh vulnerable. I have asked the NFL to provide Mr. Walsh with the necessary legal protections so that he can come forward with the truth without fear of retaliation or litigation. To best serve the interest of the public and everyone involved, I am hopeful the NFL will do so promptly.”

This Walsh guy must have something really juicy if he’s this worried about repercussions. Or maybe the stuff he wants to say is so crazy and untrue he’s looking to avoid a lawsuit. But NFL spokesman Greg Aiello made it seem as though the NFL offered Walsh a pretty good deal.

“We offered immunity from litigation under two conditions, that he tell the truth and he return anything he took from the Patriots.”

Those seem like easy conditions to meet. Maybe Walsh stole a massage chair and doesn’t want to return it? Could that be the holdup here?

All I know is I’d like some consistency with these Spygate stories. The Steelers don’t outwardly care about it, fans and members of the Rams aren’t the least bit pleased, and now Walsh isn’t talking. People aren’t this afraid to testify against dirty cops or mob bosses. I’ve always thought of Bill Belichick as the NFL’s Michael Corleone, and now I know it’s true.