Watch Where You Sit When Matt Walsh Is Around

Watch where you sit around Matt Walsh. The BOSTON GLOBE unearths a saddlesore story from the college days of the ex-Pats employee turned videotape informant.

Matt Walsh blender

In 1995, Walsh was a student at Springfield College, where he was also a member of the school’s golf team. However, his collegiate career was cut short when he was accused of slicing his roommate’s girlfriend - with a booby-trapped blender blade:

According to the alleged victim, a woman who was dating Walsh’s roommate, Walsh was so miffed that she and his roommate might spend time on his bed while he was away that he booby-trapped his sheets with a stainless steel, six-pronged blender blade.

The woman, whose account was corroborated by Walsh’s former roommate, said she vividly recalls being startled and slightly injured when she sat on the knife-sharp object. She said the episode forever changed her view of Walsh, whom she had known since high school and Walsh’s roommate had considered his best friend since childhood.

The campus police and dean of students were alerted, and though no charges were filed, Walsh soon was dismissed from the golf team.

“It was a very malicious act,” the woman said. “The fact that someone you considered a friend would do something that could possibly harm you like that is very creepy.”

Booby-trapping beds with blender blades? If Matt was so concerned about the sanctity of his sleeping quarters, you’d think he would have just installed a hidden camera - since he already has great experience with that.