Matt Ryan Doesn’t Enjoy Greasepaint So Much

In an effort to show that Falcons first-round picks Sam Baker and Matt Ryan are already an integral part of the Atlanta community, someone had the bright idea to insert both gentlemen into local culture. Outside making appearances at Hawks games (which seems silly, since that’s not what Atlanta residents do), someone also stuck them on stage for an “Oklahoma!” rehearsal.

(“Oklahoma!” is in town as of late last month. We keep track of these things as a public service to you, the reader.) As KISSING SUZY KOLBER points out, they look more out of place than Brett Favre in a Falcon uni. (Oops, sorry.) KSK also asks what the hell we’re supposed to get out of seeing these two men stuck in “Oklahoma!”. We know the answer.

Much like “Oklahoma!”, they’re the overhyped first product of the pairing of two relative unknowns that all the rubes get excited for but doesn’t really get the job done. And, when both groups of men are done, they’ll end up the same way as every other genius duo:

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