Matt Leinart Wants Arziona Cardinals To Ride And Die With Him

QB LEINART WANTS CARDINALS TO ‘RIDE OR DIE’ WITH HIM: Matt Leinart isn’t too thrilled about sharing backfield duties with Kurt Warner. In fact, he’d prefer the team to “ride and die” with him:

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USA TODAY now reports that the Cardinals QB is backing off on the statements he made to a Yahoo! Sports columnist after Arizona defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

Even in victory, Leinhart was agitated by having to share space behind center: “I just want them to ride or die with me. If I’m the franchise quarterback, play me and let me stumble, because I’ll fight through it, and that will help me and our team in the long run.

“I know coaches want to win now, and I guess they have their reasons. But I don’t understand it, and this switching back and forth is almost worse than getting benched.”

Matt Leinart

And like every good professional athlete who realizes they should have just kept their mouth shut, Leinart spent his Monday back-tracking on his previous words, saying the quotes were taken “out of context” and not remembering “ever saying any of those things to anyone.”

A real franchise QB would stand by their statements.