Matt Leinart To Appear In House Bunny Movie Filmed At Playboy Mansion

MATT LEINART SHOOTS MOVIE ROLE AT PLAYBOY MANSION: ESPN THE MAGAZINE has the very latest on Matt Leinart’s unparalleled commmitment to preparing for Arizona Cardinals games.

Matt Leinart

Just kidding, ETM reports Leinart recently week shot a cameo at the Playboy Mansion for producer Adam Sandler’s feature film “House Bunny”.

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The movie, about a Playboy employee who becomes a sorority housemother after Hugh Hefner “boots her for being too old“, will also feature Shaq, Dan Patrick and Sean Salisbury (yes!). How Berman got passed over for duty in the Grotto we’ll never know.

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One question: If Sandler is happily married, why the hell is he further postponing the inevitable Happy Gilmore sequel (Bob Barker’s ticker is on the clock) for 90 cinematic minutes of Playboy-based pap?