Matt Leinart Lands Role In Adam Sandler Movie About UCLA Sorority

LEINART’S LIFE NOW REQUIRES SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF: As we reported recently, Matt “Bareback Bandit” Leinart has always had his heart set on a movie career.

Matt Leinart barefoot in USC chair

So when Daddy Dearest isn’t damage controlling to the media about his parenting skills, fighting off child support claims and even occasionally working football into his schedule, he’s having his handlers scare up movie roles from him to read for.

Matt Leinart Adam Sandler

TMZ now reports Leinart is currently shooting a role for a new Adam Sandler-produced film starring Anna Faris (Scary Movie). The scintillating plot: “A recently sacked pin-up girl (Faris) signs up to be the new house mother at UCLA’s nerdiest sorority.”

UCLA’s “nerdiest sorority”? Well at least there won’t be any suspension of disbelief with that plot twist.

As the project is still untitled, the gentle souls at AZ SPORTS HUB have some suggestions:

Matt Leinart Movies

The film sounds (and looks) like a cinematic masterpiece and well worth Leinart’s time away from his infant son and NFL Arizona Cardinals (who enter the season with a new coach and offensive system). But if Leinart can achieve the heights Serena Williams has experienced in her fashion design career, it’ll all be worth it.