Matt Kemp: More Confidence In Chlorine Than Me

Here’s some photos of Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp and Rihanna during a recent trip to Cabo:

Matt Kemp and Rihanna at hotel pool

The two are at a hotel pool.

Not to be crude, but that’s one of the reasons I never take baths in hotel rooms and always burn that disgusting foam rubber bedspread appointment hoteliers privilege us with.

But enough about mattress mites, is Kemp’s coupling with Rihanna something Dodger fans should be concerned about? Perhaps not right this moment, but if the relationship continues, Kemp is going to be looking at infinitely more media scrutiny than he’s used to.

Matt Kemp: Rihanna worth it to be hounded by paparazzi?

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Matt Kemp and Rihanna at hotel pool

By stepping out with Rihanna, Kemp has placed himself in TMZ and RadarOnline’s crosshairs. Kemp has been known to attempt to play down his relationship with Rihanna and professes that he doesn’t like all the attention he gets from knowing her intimately.

But like Reggie Bush and famewhore Kim Kardashian, if you throw in with a paparazzi-tipping attention hound, be prepared to go a few rounds with the paparazzo at the most inopportune moments. And more random background checks by the gossip sites than a North Korean border agent.

Plus, if people see Kemp on the gossip sites constantly, you can bet anyguy/girl USA will be tipping TMZ & Co. on Kemp’s otherwise confidential whereabouts. Not exactly what I’d want if I was on the road four months of the year.

With all that in mind, if you were Kemp, is Rihanna really worth it? Does Kemp really want that life?

Unless he truly does want that microscoped lifestyle, he’s being naive if he thinks he can live a normal life if Rihanna turns out to be more than a booty call.  If in three months Kemp’s still hooking up with her in plain view of the paparrazzi, the Dodger outfield is telling us all we need to know about him. Say no more.