Tiger Rescues Kitten Caught In Comerica Cables

The LADIES… purr up a cute story of Matt Joyce helping out a fellow feline in need, as the Detroit Tigers outfielder recently rescued a li’l kittycat from the clutches of Comerica Park cables.

Matt Joyce Detroit Tigers black kitten

(”I’m a-comin’, Whiskers!“)

While rain drove the Tigers inside for batting practice on Tuesday, a little black kitten decided to take shelter in the wires & cables above the entrance to the team’s indoor batting cage. But the little critter became caught, and started meowing for help.

Enter macho man Matt:

Joyce, hearing the tiny black cat whimper, climbed up on a stool and, with batting gloves on to protect his hands, pulled the animal down, before carrying it up the stairs into the clubhouse.

And to further add to the adorableness quotient:

The kitten was last seen being fed milk in a bowl by Joyce in the Tigers clubhouse kitchen.

If this cutesy story doesn’t score our man Matt some serious chicks, then nothing will. Even the LADIES…’s La M. Alana is smitten:

As a girl, I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that there’s something extra-special-adorable about tough manly-men with cute baby animals. Some kind of double-tugging at the heartstrings, or perhaps rather the ovaries.

OK, maybe a little too much info. But thanks for sharing!

Oh, and did we mention the time that we saved a dozen golden retriever puppies who were trapped in the loge level linen closet at Joe Louis Arena?