Matt Barkley Already Being Hounded By LA Hotties

I guess the broiling heat @ the USC scrimmage on Saturday in L.A. was appropriate considering the hottest new name in college football was on the field:  USC’s true freshman starting quarterback, Matt Barkley.

Matt Barkley Already Fawned Over By The Hotties

(Dude. Game Ova.)

I was there, 20 rows up on the 50-yard-line for the entire practice, and I’ll have complete analysis of Barkley and Aaron Corp’s performance Sunday on SbB, and even tell you which way to bet the USC-Ohio State game. Brutally honest analysis, not the hype-generating pap you’ll see all over the dinosaur media in the coming week. You can also check out my real time rundown of the scrimmage from Saturday on my Twitter page.

Matt Barkley Already Fawned Over By The Hotties

Additionally, I’ll have a complete rundown of the new 2009 USC Song Girls (yes, with pics) - pushing that back to Sunday night/Monday morning.

I hung around after the scrimmage to watch Barkley interact with *fans* - who turned out to be half-teenies and half dudes wearing relish-stained Juice jerseys with 100 signatures on them - 96 of which were Anthony Davis.

Matt Barkley Already Hounded By L.A. Hotties

(Expert on non-verbal communication? Stay home.)

Barkley was a cool cat. Unlike a lot of his high-profile teammates, he obliged every single autograph and Facebook-profile-self-photo request in the stifling heat. And as you can see, he was quite a hit with the ladies.

Naturally, that means every Trojan fan on the planet is praying he doesn’t have Leinart firmly planted in his iPhone address book.

All for now, see ya shortly.