Masoli Burglary 911: ‘He f-ing stole your computer!’

Here’s the 911 audio placed by Univ. of Oregon student Max Wolfard, the victim of a burglary perpetrated by Oregon Quarterback Jeremiah Masoli and former Oregon football player Garrett Embry in Wolfard’s fraternity house on the evening of Jan. 24.

Jeremiah Masoli 911 Call Audio

The burglary, which Masoli and Embry pleaded guilty to last Friday, effective cost Embry his spot on the team and got Masoli suspended for the 2010 season.

Some excerpts from the audio:

Max Wolfard: “There were two men, one’s name is … Garrett Embry and the other was Masoli.

Wolfard: “Masoli. … Jeremiah Masoli.

Female voice in background: “He f—ing stole your computer!?

911 DISPATCHER: “Can you spell Jeremiah’s last name?

Wolfard: “M-a-s-o-l-i. Like the football player.”

Wolfard: “I caught the man in the action. … They had no permission to be in the house, no permission to be in my bedroom, no permission to be with my belongings.

Wolfard: “One of them is a football player who is very easily recognizable, Jeremiah Masoli, and the other one, I know someone — is another football player whom my roommate recognizes.

Wolfard: “I was walking up the stairs and they were walking down the stairs with my possessions.

I can only imagine the fun Oregon State Beavers fans will have with this for the next two seasons, not to mention millions of online college football fans.

I can already see the M-A-S-O-L-I signs going up at Reser.