Masoli Accuser, Assault Suspect Were Teammates

I’ve unearthed some interesting coincidences involving the Jeremiah Masoli theft accusation and the severe beating of Oregon kicker Rob Beard.

Max Wolfard Kirby Hawkins

(Assault suspect Hawkins, Masoli accuser Wolfard were H.S. teammates)

The most recent suspect arrested in connection to Beard’s beating is a 19-year-old named Kirby Hawkins. Hawkins happened to be teammates with Max Wolfard on the Lincoln High School football team in Portland in 2007. Wolfard is the student who accused University of Oregon star quarterback Masoli of stealing two laptops and a guitar from him out of a fraternity house.

Here are the publicly-accessible operator dispatch logs from the Eugene Police Dept. from that night (early Sunday morning of Jan. 24):

Beard and Masoli police response

The call for the Beard assault got to police at 12:31 am. The call for the alleged Masoli theft got to police at 12:48 am. Exactly 17 minutes apart.

Here’s a map where the two incidents occurred:

Masoli Beard Incident Map

1) Masoli theft accuser and a Beard assault suspect were high school football teammates.

2) Calls for the two incidents came in to police 17 minutes apart.

3) The two incidents happened three blocks apart.

So are those coincidences noteworthy?

Not according to Masoli and Beard teammate Jeff Palmer. Palmer, a long snapper on the Oregon football team, told John Hunt of the PORTLAND OREGONIAN on Monday that the two incidents weren’t related.

“I know for a fact that they’re not related,” said Palmer, a friend of Beard’s and (Mike) Bowlin’s who was not in the brawl but who visited Beard in the hospital early Sunday morning.

Palmer said Bowlin and Beard had attended a party that evening, but the football players named in the alleged theft were not there.

Hunt also noted: “The closeness in time and in distance - the incidents were just a few blocks from each other - led some to speculate that retaliation was involved.

Despite what Palmer said to the Oregonian, we have no confirmation from police yet that the Beard assault and Masoli theft accusation are unrelated.

UPDATE (8:34p ET): Hawkins reportedly transferred in 2007 from Lincoln High School to Parkrose High School but all indications are that Wolfard and Hawkins did cross paths at Lincoln. Wolfard was a senior at Lincoln in 2007 and Hawkins a junior before he transferred.

None of what I’ve posted here is to suggest that there was a connection between the two incidents, I’m just setting out the chess pieces for the record.