Mascot Mustache Mauling Spurs Team To Victory

A WAC tournament semifinal game turned watchable last night, as the mascots of Utah State and New Mexico State got into a little tussle with seven seconds left in a one point game. The trouble seems to have started when a fan put a $100 bounty on the New Mexico State mascot’s mustache.

Pistol Pete and Big Blue Bull

(It is a fine mustache. Er, was.)

What followed was an epic showdown between (foam) man and (foam) beast, unrivaled by anything save that time I saw the Temple Owl roll the Syracuse Orange halfway down a football field.

[Update:] Now with video, after the jump!

Both Utah State and New Mexico State are the Aggies, and since no one knows what an Aggie is, New Mexico State has a cowboy, Pistol Pete, and Utah State has the Big Blue Bull. During a timeout, with NMSU up by one, a fan in the stands offered the Bull $100 if he stole Pistol Pete’s mustache. And damned if he didn’t rip it right off his lifeless, staring face.

Pistol Pete than chased the Bull to half court and jumped on his back, trying to drag him to the floor. He then started to choke the bull, before deciding to be the bigger mascot and retreated to his end of the court.

The Great Mustache Caper must have fired up Utah State, because they nailed a jumper with one second left to win the game and advance to the tournament final tonight. The Bull did end up receiving his $100 in bloody money, and proved the old adage, “he who controls the mustache, controls the WAC.”