Maryland AD Under Fire; From Starting QB’s Dad

Meanwhile, over at the INSIDEMD SPORTS.COM message board, a poster is calling for the ouster of University of Maryland athletic director Debbie Yow (pictured below). Not such a big deal … just about everyone at Maryland is unhappy with Yow … baseball coaches, basketball … even him. But there’s one big factor here.

Debbie Yow

The author of the above message happens to be the John Turner, the father of Maryland starting quarterback Chris Turner. He admitted writing the post to a BALTIMORE SUN reporter on Wednesday. And the elder Turner knows about being unpopular and losing your job, believe me. In the early 1980s he was the drummer for the hair metal band Ratt, before being kicked out just before the group made it big.

Not sure what Turner’s dad does for a living now, but whatever it is it affords him time to be a frequent contributor to Terrapin message board sites.

“I just fully support the football program,” John Turner said in an interview Tuesday in which he confirmed beginning the thread. “I know I’m one small voice, but I believe in what those guys are doing and I want to stand behind them. This was a weekend where I really felt strongly for the football program.”

John Turner’s comments, posted under his screen name, said: “Get rid of Yow. And you might have a chance on being decent in football and basketball. Shes [sic] the absolute worst and will destroy your program! TRUST ME!”

Yow said Tuesday night that she had just returned from a meeting of the National Football Foundation board of directors in Dallas and had not seen the post.

“My occasional interactions with Chris’ dad have been positive and pleasant in nature,” she said in an e-mail in reply to a Baltimore Sun query. “So, I’d only be guessing as to who or what would influence him to say that at this time.”


(Ratt, post-John Turner, most likely)

John Turner was the original drummer when Ratt — then called Mickey Ratt — was formed in San Diego in 1978. The band moved to Los Angeles in 1981, and changed its name to Ratt the following year. That’s when Turner was replaced on drums and percussion by Bobby Blotzer.

Yow, in her 16th season as Maryland AD, made several cuts in major sports this year in order to balance the athletic department budget; a move that has not made her popular. The football team is 2-5 (1-1 ACC) heading into Saturday’s game at Duke.