Marshawn Was Distracted by “Dancing Pedestrian”

Marshawn Lynch came clean on Friday, admitting that he was behind the wheel of his SUV that struck a woman almost a month ago.

Marshawn Lynch No Dancing sign

However, as WKBW-TV reports, the Buffalo Bills running back claimed that he didn’t realize he hit anyone that evening, and in fact was trying to avoid a “dancing pedestrian“:

Lynch told reporters he didn’t realize he had hit anyone as he was driving home in the early morning hours of May 31st. “Around 3:30 on my way home made a left off of Chippewa onto Delaware. It was raining real hard. There was a dancing pedestrian in the street. I slowed down to let her go and continued on my way home,” says Lynch.

Lynch’s attorney says the woman dancing in the street was not the hit-and-run victim Kimberley Shpeley, but the dancing woman may have distracted Lynch and that could be why he didn’t realize he hit anyone. “Didn’t know my car had hit anyone or anything so I continued on my way home, and I apologize to Ms. Shpeley and any injuries she has suffered from,” says Lynch.

Marshawn plead guilty to “failure to use due care”, and was fined $150 & had his license revoked. Lynch could have been charged with a more serious offense, but his attorney says there’s evidence that his client really didn’t know that he hit anyone.

Hit someone and not even know it? Talk about a smooth ride. We’re gonna have to get ourselves one of them Porsche Cayenne SUVs - as soon as we rob about 20 banks.