Bills RB Lynch Under Investigation for Hit & Run

The BUFFALO NEWS reports that Bills running back Marshawn Lynch could be facing charges after a hit & run incident last weekend.

Marshawn Lynch

Authorities say 27-year-old Kimberly Shpeley was crossing a Buffalo street early Saturday morning, when she was struck by an SUV, causing two large bruises on her hip & requiring seven stitches.

And police believe it was Marshawn’s motor vehicle that mauled her:

Law enforcement sources said Buffalo police, assisted by Hamburg police, found the black 2008 Porsche Cayenne in the driveway of the Buffalo Bills running back’s Hamburg home — just one to two hours after the accident.

The vehicle, which is registered to Lynch, had damage that linked it to the scene, sources said. But when investigators knocked on his door, no one answered, the sources added.

The sources also disclosed that Lynch had been spotted in the area of Chippewa Street not long before the incident.

Lynch has not yet been charged, primarily because the cops can’t seem to get a hold of him:

But four days after the incident, police say they still have been unable to talk to Lynch. Lynch’s attorney finally contacted police Monday afternoon, after accident investigators spent three days “reaching out” to the football star to get some explanation about the incident.

Um, why are police trying to be so polite about this matter? An innocent pedestrian got sent to the hospital. Don’t the cops have something in their arsenal called a warrant?

If charged with leaving the scene of an accident, Lynch (or whoever was driving the car) could face up to a year in jail. And if Marshawn doesn’t speak up soon, he could be facing additional obstruction charges.

He better get chatting if he doesn’t want to trade his OTA’s for J-A-I-L.

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