Marshawn Accused Of Stealing $20 At TGI Fridays

The BUFFALO NEWS reports this morning:

Marshawn Lynch

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch took $20 from a Southtowns woman at a Hamburg restaurant last month, according to information received by The Buffalo News.

The woman’s husband, Buffalo Police Sgt. William Crawford, filed a complaint with Hamburg police a day after the incident, but they delayed giving a statement to detectives until Wednesday, in part because she wanted to wait until the Bills’ football season ended and Lynch was out of town.

The alleged incident happened at a TGI Fridays:

He takes the $20 out of her hand, and my wife says “What are you doing?’ and Lynch says “Don’t worry.’ When my wife’s girlfriend came back to the table, she told her about it. The girlfriend approached Lynch and said, “Give my friend her money back,’ and Lynch threatened her saying “Do you know who I am? There’s going to be consequences.’

Unbelievable? If you cover athletes for a living, not so much. More unreal though is how the woman got her money back.

Crawford said he filed the complaint the next day with Hamburg police, and about 10 days later, a letter with $20 arrived at their home from the police.

So the police sent the woman $20? There’s gotta be more to that, right?

I hope so.

Meanwhile, Lynch reportedly lied to the Bills that he knew the woman he allegedly stole the money from.

The woman’s husband said he wants to take the incident to a grand jury, and that Lynch is a “predator.”

Lynch’s past:

Lynch is currently on three years’ probation for a misdemeanor gun possession charge in Los Angeles and, earlier this week, an Ontario woman began a negligence lawsuit against him for his highly publicized 2008 hit-and-run accident in downtown Buffalo.

Lynch’s behavior is garden variety stuff when it comes to professional athletes. We see it all the time. But the police making restitution for the “predator”? That’s bizarre. But in a NFL small market like Buffalo, where athletes rule the city, not totally outside of the realm of possibility.