Hunting From Helicopters, Hugging Erin Andrews

• A Florida Marlins reliever finds relief in shooting critters from ‘copters.

Apocalypse Now helicopters

Erin Andrews reveals what Bruce Pearl texted after their halftime hug.

Steve Nash is not concerned if he never gets NBA championship gold.

Baron Davis shares a soulful song.

• NBA players pay the price playing poker.

John Daly fills in at Phillies practice.

John Daly pitching for Phillies

Isaac Bruce wants to do to Jerry Rice what Jerry did to Steve Largent.

• Even Pat Riley & Dwayne Wade have had enough of the Heat’s horrible season.

Lute is looking to come back next year.

• Wearing these Michigan St. Patrick’s Day shirts will have your friends green with envy, and your Notre Dame & Michigan State pals red from laughter.

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