Marlins Have Great Plan To Double Attendance

Most professional sports teams hire hot girls to prance around the field (and court) to keep crowds *excited*. The Florida Marlins, on the other hand, bring in the girls to increase attendance.

Marlins Mermaids

Not from the extra fans the girls will lure to the ballpark, but by including the number of girls on the field to the overall attendance count.

Actually, we’re not sure the club does that, but how do you explain the team drawing in the triple digits on weekends?

Marlins Mermaids Tryouts Video

HOME RUN DERBY has a penchant for posting pics of the Marlies (whoops, that’s a team in Toronto), and has footage of recent tryouts for the cheerleading positions at a local Miami mall.

That’ll teach us not to check the Dolphin Mall events calendar next time we head out for a Tony Roma’s BBQ chicken-stuffed baked potato at the food court.