Mark Your Calendars: Shaq Fu Retires in 735 Days

That light you see, that’s the end of the tunnel. And in two years, Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal will reach that metaphorical light, which will signify the end of his NBA career. Some might argue that Shaq quit playing a few season’s back, but we’re talking about officially retire — you know, filling out the papers and everything.

Shaquille O'Neal

So, what will Shaq Fu do after basketball? Pursue his acting career? Produce more Kobe-inspired music? Open up basketball parks across China? Nope, maybe, uh-uh — Shaq’s a simple man and he’s all about giving back.


“My basketball career will be over in 735 days, and being an educated man, I’ve always had things to fall back on. So one of my options is law enforcement. But if Jerry Demings is going to be the sheriff I would love to work for him,” O’Neal said.

According to WIKIPEDIA, O’Neal went through the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Reserve Academy and became a reserve officer with the L.A. Port Police. I’d say he’s pretty serious about keeping the peace. Or at the very least, getting to wear a costume and carry a gun.

If the whole officer of the law thing doesn’t work out, he could have a future in the carrying-people-around-a-parking-lot line of work. He just needs a business model.