Mark Teixeira Is In A Snit Over A John Henry Twit

Just when you thought that the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry couldn’t get any sillier, here’s Mark Teixeira getting royally riled over something Twittered by Red Sox owner John Henry on Thursday.

Mark Teixeira and wife

It was at the end of Boston’s 4-3 win over New York, stretching the Red Sox record against the Yanks this season to 8-0, that Henry triumphantly sent out the following Tweet: “the MT curse?” The “MT” referenced was not amused.

Teixeira, who of course negotiated with the Red Sox before settling on joining the Yankees this past offseason, was informed of the Twitter remark by a New York Times reporter (the big troublemaker). Even though it was spoken, we’ll present Teixeira’s reply in a series of remarks in 140 characters or less.

Said Teixeira:

“All I can say is I play the game the right way, if anyone has a problem with the way I play then they can take their shots.

“How old is Mr. Henry? There’s no reason to get into it with a 70-something old man about baseball.

“I’ve never visited any of those sites.

“I’ll let you guys decide. Whose reputation looks bad right now. It’s a little silly, it’s actually very silly.”

Sorry, but Henry is only 59, which I believe is younger than Julio Franco.

Hey, at least one Teixeira loves Boston and still hates New York:

Hemi Girl Melissa Anne Teixeira