Mark Sanchez Hires His Brother To Be His Agent

While his head coach and some members of his family considered it to be the wrong decision, USC quarterback Mark Sanchez decided to skip his senior year of college to join the NFL draft. Obviously Pete Carroll wanted him to stay at USC for another year because it would have made the Trojans one of the favorites to win a national championship next season, but personally I think Sanchez made the right choice. With Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, and Tim Tebow all deciding to stay in college next season, Sanchez vaults up the draft board into a top-five pick, maybe even #1 overall.

That’s a lot of money, and frankly the only way I could see this back-firing on Mark is that if he gets picked first and goes to Detroit. Not only would he be playing on a worse team than the one he was on in college, but think of the drop in talent of the local ladies. This could be devastating. Which is why Mark needs a good agent to make sure that the Lions realize he isn’t the quarterback they need, so I am kind of worried that Sanchez’s choice of his brother may not be the best decision.


Mark Sanchez has reportedly hired his brother, Nick Sanchez, as his agent. Nick was a quarterback at Yale, earned his law degree at USC, and works as a business litigator for Theodora Oringher Miller & Richman in Costa Mesa. According to the Orange County Business Journal, “Mark is the first client of Nick’s new sports consultancy at the law firm.”

Nick Sanchez knows about college football and has a solid legal resume, but no known experience as an agent. Earlier this month, his brother announced that he would forgo his final year of eligibility at USC and enter the NFL draft. With projections placing Mark at anywhere from the first overall pick to somewhere in the second round, it’s stunning that he would pick a rookie to guide him through the process. It’s unknown if he will seek additional representation.

Picking a family member to be your agent is always a risk, and that risk is more magnified when your that family member’s first client.  I mean, if you’re one of the top high-school pitchers in the country and your last name is Boras, you’re probably going to do okay.  With Sanchez, I’m not so sure.

Contracts in the NFL tend to be a lot more complicated than in other sports, and I’m not sure I’d want to be the first one I worked on to be for a top pick in the draft who happens to be my brother.  If you mess this thing up, you could mess up the entire structure of your family.  Just ask Drew Brees how he feels about his mother who wanted to be his agent when he came out of Purdue.

That being said, Nick Sanchez appears to have a pretty strong educational background and a pretty good resume as a lawyer, so he’ll probably be able to negotiate a decent deal for his brother but should probably seek outside advice.  He’s also no doubt aware that if this works out well for his brother, he has a pretty good “in” at USC and could possibly sign a couple of Trojans next year to add to his company’s roster.