Mark Madsen Will Purchase Your Illegal eBay Crap

My big Mark Madsen memory was his dunk against Rhode Island that sealed the deal and powered Stanford to the NCAA Final Four in 1998. His subsequent NBA career has been somewhat unremarkable, however, except for an unfortunate epileptic fit he humorously described as “dancing” while a member of the Lakers a few years back (photo following the jump).

Mark Madsen

Now a member of the Clippers, Madsen was reportedly involved in another embarrassing episode recently, when he was swindled in a real estate scam. But this con didn’t involve three-dimensional property — it was on the Internet. eBay, to be exact. Let the nerdiness begin.

New Jersey resident (of course) Daniel Goncalves, 25, has been charged with stealing a domain name and reselling it on eBay, supposedly to Madsen. Goncalves allegedly hacked into the site of one of the owners of P2P.COM, and shifted ownership to himself. He then sold it to Madsen for $110,000.

Goncalves faces felony charges of theft by unlawful taking or deception, identity theft, and computer theft. State police say each of the three counts carried a maximum sentence of 10 years. They expect a formal announcement with additional information Monday afternoon.

Goncalves, who did not respond to a reporter’s phone calls, is free on a $60,000 bond.

P2P.COM is a popular peer-to-peer hosting site that allows disc storage and bandwith usage without network hosts or servers. Why a Stanford graduate would shell out a hundred grand without going through the due diligence is a mystery perhaps only Mike Montgomery can unravel.

As Internet crimes go, not that provocative. But hey, it’s the Clippers.

Mark Madsen

(When will Madsen be brought to justice for this?)