Mark Cuban’s Brother Is Making the World Safer

Sometimes, when we’re puttering around the garage, taking out the trash, or defending our nation against nebulous terrorist threats, we wish there was a clear voice in the cacophony to give us strong advice on underserved topics, like “If you falsely accuse a lover of rape, your husband had better not kill him!” or “Is there a constitutional right to an orgy?

Brian Cuban

(All kidding aside, we love this shirt; not just anyone will go pastel with their logo)

Or maybe that person could tell us “Why Athletes Go Broke” and then go on Fox News and get mentioned by the FREAKONOMICS blog unironically. Thankfully, the Internet (of all places) has given the clarion call of Mr. Cuban a home.

What? No, not Mark Cubanhis brother, Brian. Close enough, though, right?

Brian, who just happens to work for Mark as chief of some of his charitable efforts, enjoys taking in Mavericks games, long walks on the beach, and venting his spleen in digital format. We know the feeling.

Until last weekend, though, when his “Why Athletes Go Broke” piece seemed to strike a nerve and get him on television (in HD, we imagine) and posted at the NYTIMES Web site, his articles on “I DON’T GIVE A ****” and “GENETICALLY ENGINEERING YOUR CHILD BECAUSE YOUR BACK HURTS” had gone comically underappreciated.

So, as one blogger to another, our apologies, Mr. Cuban’s brother. We will monitor your site for updates on the coming “Cuban revolution”. For our assistance, however, would you please mark the downfall of Western civilization with a “Bay of Pigs” post? We don’t want it to be lost on us due to subtlety. Thanks!

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