Mark Cuban Rooting For Red Sox Now That Cubs Are Finished

W/CUBS EXIT, CUBAN DANCES OVER TO RED SOX NATION: After his beloved snake-bit Cubbies had slithered out of the playoffs, Mark Cuban has danced his way onto the Red Sox bandwagon:

Red Sox Girl Mark Cuban dancing

The BOSTON HERALD caught up with the Maverick owner, who said that all his teams were already out of the MLB postseason. But the “Dancing With the Stars” contestant didn’t side-step the issue of who we was rooting for now:

I know Mr. (John) Henry, and he’s a good man. I know some of of the Cleveland folks, too, but I’m going to put my votes behind the Red Sox.”

Turns out Cuban’s not the only Sawx fan on the show. Host Tom Bergeron was “thrilled to see the Yankees go down in defeat,” and added that his hometown team looked good enough for their “second World Series win.”

When reminded that Boston claimed a fair share of championships pre-1918, Bergeron corrected himself that it was the second “for those of us who aren’t 102.”

Poor Cleveland. First, LeBron wears the enemy helmet, now the Indians can’t get any love from the Dancing Fools. Will some pseudo-celebrity please stand up for the Tribe?

Drew Carey slot machine

Maybe Drew Carey can give a shout-out to Grady Sizemore & pals when he starts on “The Price Is Right” on Monday.