Mark Cuban Is Not Buying Your Hometown Team

The Steelers are up for sale? Maybe? We don’t want it. Do you want it? No? Let’s sell it to Marky; he’ll buy anything. Aaaaaand he’s from Pittsburgh. He’ll totally fall for it. Let’s link him to every available franchise. We know; he’s buying the Jaguars and moving them to Los Angeles to be closer to his movie interests! Isn’t that right, GM Baron Davis?

Mikey from the Life cereal commercial

Except, of course, he won’t buy just anything (DeSagana Diop excepted). Mark Cuban has no interest in owning the Steelers because he doesn’t think a small-market team can succeed in the NFL’s current cap structure. (We suspect he also means the revenue-sharing portion; you’d better believe Jerry Jones will keep as much of that new Texas Stadium ad revenue as possible.)

Also, Darren Rovell believes we’ll see more sports franchises go on the block in the next year or so before the estate tax and capital gains taxes begin rising under a Democratic President and Congress. Possibly, Darren, but who’s going to take on the debt financing?

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