Mark Cuban Makes His Debut On Dancing With The Stars

• THE SPORTS HERNIA struts their stuff, as they run down Mark Cuban’s “Dancing” debut:

Mark Cuban Dancing With The Stars Debut

• THE LOSS COLUMN listens closely, as Marc Ecko tells ESPN chatters what he would personally do with Bonds’ ball.

• Darren Rovell of CNBC learns a valuable lesson from Okie State alum Boone Pickens - never bet with a billionaire.

• POOR SPORTS gladly shows how Eagles cheerleaders can even make the throwbacks look good:

Eagles cheerleader throwback

• The GREENVILLE (SC) NEWS airs it out that Steve Spurrier thinks Blake Mitchell stinks, so the ‘Cocks coach sniffs out Smelley as South Carolina’s new starting QB.

• NATION OF ISLAM SPORTSBLOG gets a good seat for the Michael Vick Town Hall Meeting.

• GIRLS GONE SPORTS learns of a new OJ book that may soon hit the shelves: “If I Did It With James Woods“:

James Woods Peter Griffin

• MONEY PLAYERS passes the buck, as former NFL player Sean Jones is in the doghouse for mortgage fraud.

• SPORTABLE offers some Saintly advice to New Orleans coach Sean Payton.

• AOL FANHOUSE soaks in the news that the 49ers are calling out, “Hey, Beer Man!

Michael Lewis Beer Man Anchor Steam

• BURNT ORANGE NATION feels its their royal duty to better understand Kansas State coach Ron Prince.

• Tom Dienhart of THE SPORTING NEWS thinks there plenty of qualified black assistants to fill any college openings.