Mark Cuban Blames Internet And Media For Barry Bonds Disdain

MARK CUBAN REVEALS WHY WE ALWAYS ADORED TY COBB: Hoodwinking Yahoo billionaire Mark Cuban has done it again. He’s opened our eyes to the real reason we all have such disdain and disgust for the huge-helmeted one:

Barry Bonds has had the misfortune of winding up his career and tying the record in the generation of Massive Media. The last 10 years , with the advent of satellite TV, digital cable, the Internet and even camera phones, have placed every minute of Barry (and most prominent figures) lives under continuous scrutiny.

Mark Cuban Fetish Porn

Unlike the legendary stories in baseball history that were never made public at the time they happened to protect the player involved, today there is a ‘bounty of fame’ on any person or outlet who can catch Barry in anything that can be sold to an Internet site or any of the sports TV networks across the country.

Yep, this is precisely the reason Ty Cobb is such a revered sports personality, and why Mr. Cuban will surely become the next owner of the Chicago Cubs.