Cuban Bans Bloggers, Daly Down A Swing Coach

Mark Cuban bounces bloggers out of Mavericks’ locker room - and uses his blog to explain why.

Mark Cuban South Park smaller version

John Daly recently lost 180 pounds - by having his swing coach quit.

• Memo to Red Sox reporters: Beware of flying objects, whether horsehide or pelican.

Billy Packer tries to explain CBS’s sagging March Madness ratings.

• Just call him DUI-ane Jarrett.

Tommy Lasorda’s back in the Dodgers’ dugout, but soon comes back out.

Tommy Lasorda argues with umpire

• Fans suing the Patriots over Super Bowl XXXVI decide to punt.

• A new tow-truck reality series starts a year too late for the Cardinals.

• When it comes to cups, some MLB players don’t need the support.

• Will a new drug treatment for multiple sclerosis become the next steroids scandal?

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