Marital Bliss, Now Brought To You By Office Depot

Sponsorship is a big deal in NASCAR. One study showed that 89 percent of racing fans associate the sponsors with quality products (although one thinks they might still patronize sponsors like Coors Light and the Jerry Springer Show without the sponsorship). But rarely has a driver shown so much loyalty to his brand than Carl Edwards. Edwards is getting married in January, so he turned to his sponsor for help. After all, nothing says weddings quite like Office Depot?

Carl Edwards

(The reception will be held at the Stuckey’s off Route 40.)

In May Edwards carried a marriage proposal on the back of his No. 99 Office Depot car, but when it came time to plan his own nuptials, where better to go for free stuff? Weddings ain’t cheap. Granted, help from Kurt Busch’s sponsor Rubbermaid, or even Tony Stewart’s Home Depot might have made more sense. But Carl will never have to ask who moved his red stapler:

Edwards and fiancée Dr. Kate Downey, a friend from his hometown of Columbia Mo., picked out their wedding invitation stationery (see the pattern by Gartner) from their local Office Depot store and are letting Office Depot’s Design Print and Ship service do the rest.

Ooh, a doctor? His bubby must be so proud.

Edwards and his blushing bride are in for quite a treat after registering at Office Depot. I’m sure they can’t wait to spend their days in this 2-person cubicle, their love nest gently lit by fluorescent lights. And what newlyweds’ home is complete without a 12-pack of White-Out?

You’d better get your wedding present shopping done soon, because Edwards will switch his sponsorship to Aflac next season. I hope he’s more loyal to his wife than his sponsor.