Blog-O-Rama: Braun Makes Ads with Marisa Miller

• WITH LEATHER brews up photos of Milwaukee all-star Ryan Braun shooting an ad with the marvelous Marisa Miller.

Marisa Miller Ryan Braun commercial shoot

Lucky dog.

• THE FIGHTINS’ punch up video of the Phillies’ Jamie Moyer running over an ump who doesn’t make a goood speed bump.

• The ARIZONA REPUBLIC gets the gold for the goofiest Olympic blog headline so far: “Gay texts mom: Kobe asked about my leg

• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY isn’t so sure about Georgia’s chances for a BCS title, especially with Russian tanks roaming the countrysude.

• JUICED SPORTS BLOG elects to inform us that John Elway is supporting John McCain.

• USA TODAY’s GAME ON wonders if any MLB will win 100 games this season, and if any of them really want to.

• UNI WATCH reads up on the collection of Nebraska football media guides over the past 50 years. Safe to say these photos probably didn’t make the cut.

• FOOD COURT LUNCH catches Vancouver Winter Olympics organizers wondering how they’re gonna top Beijing’s opening ceremonies.