Marino Sees Canada As Market For NFL, Isotoners

The fact that the Buffalo Bills want to move to Toronto is one of the NFL’s most poorly kept secrets. Why else would the team be playing eight games there over the next five years? While the viability of an NFL team in CFL territory (where the fields are bigger, the slot receivers more in motion, and fourth down is fiction) is questioned by some, count Dan Marino as a believer. TSN.COM reports that the Ray Finkle hater says an NFL team could work in Toronto.


Of course, he could see how that could be bad if it was competition for Buffalo. And he wouldn’t want to Bills to leave Buffalo, either. But other than that, it might work. It’s just that sort of in-depth, hard-hitting analysis that he brought to Inside the NFL.

Dan, it was just a joke. Please don’t be too upset by it - I know how your temper can get. Dan? Dan?!?

Uh oh.

Actually, there’s a method to Marino’s madness. Another cold weather market = another opportunity to peddle Isotoner gloves on a whole new group of customers. I wonder if Isotoner makes toques as well?

As for an NFL team in Toronto - as long as they continue to persecute sideline reporters, I say let them keep watching their three downs and one-point kicks. Freaks.