Mariners Pitcher Miguel Batista’s “Idol”: Kenny G.

Right now we’re sitting in JFK airport, drinking bottled water we just paid $4.75 for, so we really do need some cheering up.

Thank goodness for Miguel Batista.

Miguel Batista Kenny G

The SEATTLE TIMES has a piece on the eclectic Mariner pitcher’s offseason endeavors, which included obsessing our favorite player on that celebrity golf tour thing: Kenny G.

The Mariners hurler has recently taken up saxophone, and professed his love for Mr. G. in the Times piece, calling Kenny his “musical idol.”

So Batista’s big moment came this week when Kenny G was playing a show in Phoenix. Since Batista’s Mariners were training nearby, the two finally met:

“He played for me,” Batista said. “It was my favorite song, ‘Alone.’ Now, I feel like I’ve had everything. I’ve talked pitching with Sandy Koufax, had Kenny G play for me. Maybe if I could have an interview with God, then I’d be served. I’d be complete.”

Batista’s night wasn’t over after Kenny G wished him well. Partway through the sold-out concert, the musician left the stage while playing “Havana” and waded through the aisles, slowly approaching Batista’s seat.

“Then he pauses from playing,” Batista said. “And he goes, ‘Thanks, guy, it was cool today.’ “

We don’t know if we should laugh, cry or cringe.

So what’s next for the Times, a piece on Richie Sexson’s fascination with Michael Bolton? Or Adrian Beltre’s longtime affinity for Boy George?