Did Mariners Duff On Chance For LaRussa In ‘07?

When you think of the great sports journalists of our era, some familiar names immediately come to mind: Gammons. Swindle. Whitlock McIntyre Mariotti whoever runs Busted Coverage Me. It’s time to add another name to the pantheon: Duff McKagan. You may remember him from such bands as Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver, but he’s also got a better scoop than anybody on ESPN.com right now.

Duff McKegan Tony LaRussa

According to McKagan, Tony La Russa told him that the Mariners had passed him over in their search for a new manager, ostensibly after they had canned Mike Hargrove in 2007. As McKagan told REVERB (site features sparse NSFW language):

I ran into Tony La Russa at one of my gigs last spring and he was dismayed that the Mariners had passed him over a few months earlier.
“They passed you over?!” I exclaimed.
“Yeah, it’s too bad, I would have loved the gig.”
Tony La Russa had just won a World Series with the Cardinals! We need some good management, and I hope they do the right thing this off-season. If not, I suggest we all boycott.

Why La Russa wants to manage in Seattle is a mystery; it’s not like the state of Washington gives you a pat on the back and a free Heineken minikeg if you get pulled over for a DUI, after all. Further, as McKagan’s column points out, the Mariners have sucked for years and will, in all likelihood, continue to suck for the foreseeable future.

The rest of the article is about what you’d expect when a bassist writes a sports column. He likes Brett Favre for some reason. He also thinks the local sports radio program should take over all the teams for a week, which is hilariously stupid. But still, the Mariners passed over La Russa, and for what? His replacement, John McLaren, posted a 68-88 record in his short tenure before being canned and replaced by the corpse of Jim Riggleman.

This is probably the best thing that could have happened for La Russa, though. Seattle’s like Portland’s utter wreck of an older brother who lives in the attic and listens to Alice in Chains and doesn’t wash himself. Nobody wins up there because everybody wants to die up there. Consider yourself lucky, La Russa.