Maria Verchenova On Par As One Gorgeous Golfer

ā€¢ Meet Maria Verchenova, on course to be the Maria Sharapova of golf.

Maria Verchenova

ā€¢ Glen “Big Baby” Davis had Orlando Magic fans in tears last night after sinking the game-winning shot - and running over a kid on the sidelines. But now the youngster’s peeved papa demands satisfaction.

ā€¢ Not taking too kindly to the taunting of her son, a Little League mother attacks one of the name-calling kids and calls him “white trash” in return.

ā€¢ Speaking of matriarchs in sports, Mark Cuban gets into it with Kenyon Martin’s mom, telling her her son is a “thug“.

ā€¢ Dennis Rodman reportedly dines & dashes from a Miami restaurant, but not before one of his men mauls the manager.

ā€¢ A stripper by the name of Theresa White tells all that Michael Phelps sure likes his sex ‘n’ spittin’ tobacco.

ā€¢ Selena Roberts’ new book on A-Rod is the talk of the sports literary world. So why have the boys from Bristol been blowing her off?

ā€¢ Scott Walker of the Carolina Hurricanes will have to pay for his sucker punch on Boston’s Aaron Ward - but not with a suspension.

ā€¢ White Sox hurler Bobby Jenks regrets nothing - not even trying to bean Rangers batter Ian Kinsler.

ā€¢ Mike Singletary’s wife on what she thought when she first met her future husband: ā€œIā€™d sure like to meet someone like him who is white.ā€