Blog-O-Rova: Sharapova & Kournikova Together

• THE ANGRY T serves up a shot of tennis temptresses Maria Sharapova & Anna Kournikova together at last:

Maria Sharapova Anna Kournikova

• With minor league baseball (and the between-inning promotions) underway, COMMOTION hopes they can catch a t-shirt shot by these guys.

• FOOD COURT LUNCH has the update you’ve been waiting for - of the world women’s curling championship.

• CBS 4 in Denver rah-rahs word that this season’s Broncos cheerleaders are down to their final cut.

• MONDESI’S HOUSE learns some things about Terrelle Pryor - he’s voting for Barack Obama and wishing for Eva Mendes.

• Patrick Reusse of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE notes that Memphis player Joe Dorsey is keeping his mouth this March Madness after last year’s idiotic oratory against Greg Oden.

• Sort of speaking of the bench-riding Blazer, GREG ODEN’S STREET CLOTHES sings the praises of Billy Packer.

• THE LOVE OF SPORTS lovingly looks back on the college career of Christian Laettner.