Blog-A-Roni: Sharapova Fooled By Mosquito Nets

ON THE BASELINE serves up word that Maria Sharapova’s promise of a new tennis facility may have been the victim of a Vietnamese joke.

Maria Sharapova shorts smile

ESPN’s HASHMARKS knows of one NFL combine combatant not afraid to get his Kenny Chesney on.

PRO FOOTBALL TALK hikes over word that the Saints have made an offer to Zach Thomas.

JOE SPORTS FAN needs a friend, as Kelvin Sampson is pretty unpopular with Facebook users.

Tom Hoffarth of the L.A. DAILY NEWS congratulates Mr. Rebecca De Mornay for being voted L.A.’s best sports personality.

Patrick O'Neal Rebecca De Mornay

The DAILY BREEZE orders it to go, as USC-favored hot spot Papadakis Taverna may soon be closing.

Speaking of keeping quiet, THE SPORTS POINT is not amused with Chris Berman ruining the Greatest Highlights.

And speaking of memorable sports moments, don’t forget today’s the 28th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice.

DC SPORTS BOG spots one Virginia Tech player who’s a star in on his own mind.

AD Vassallo shaved star in head

Chinese officials warn their swearing soccer fans to shut up.

Whooooo! THE SPORTS HERNIA previews Ric Flair’s WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

WAITING FOR NEXT YEAR doesn’t delay in giving their concerns about Ben Wallace coming to Cleveland.